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You can now find LatteKOM on GitHub. These pages will remain for archeological reasons until SourceForge decides to remove them.


LatteKOM is a Java implementation of a LysKOM client library. This project focuses on creating a useful class library making it easy for developers to create new LysKOM clients in Java.


Check the builds directory for the latest development builds. However, the latest stable builds are available through the SourceForge File pages.


  • 2004-04-25: WebLatte is a WWW client based on LatteKOM. It is available in CVS under /main/weblatte with helper classes in the package It is available in Swedish only. Core LatteKOM classes has been improved as well, so LatteKOM is not dead, despite this page being left untouched for over two years (again).
  • 2002-04-05: New versions 0.1.2 available, as well as a new MacOS app. Requirements: MRJ 2.2.x and the Swing library (put the Swing JAR in System Folder: Extensions: MRJ Libraries: MRJClasses).
  • 2002-03-31: The package nu.dll.lyskom has undergone major changes the last month. Most notably, the API documentation is getting more complete, and close to the goal that client developers shouldn't need to read the source to understand how to use the API. If you don't know where to start, check out the docs for the Session class.
  • 2002-03-31: Also, the LatteKOM/T2 text-based test client ( has gotten a major overhaul and is usable on smaller LysKOM systems (due to its inefficient handling of unread status, it might be slow from time to time on larger membership lists). Screenshots: Swing GUI console, stdio console.



This page might not be up-to-date. Please have a go at the SourceForge project page and the README and stuff in the CVS repository for the latest info. If you want to contribute, check out the latest source from CVS (read the SourceForge CVS UNIX HOWTO if you're new to this), then mail me a patch or two and tell me you want commit access. You'll need a SourceForce account if you want to do anothing more than providing patches, and you'll probably want one even then.


LatteKOM is mainly developed by Rasmus Sten, see the README for more information.

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